Chris Oguntolu

DevOps Consultant

👋 Greetings!

I am Chris, a professional in the field of DevOps, Engineering and Consultancy, with over two decades of experience in the Information Technology Sector. My career has taken me across four major international cities, starting in the historic hub of Hamburg. This city, known for its vibrant technological landscape, served as my foundational base where I immersed myself in computer science. During this period, I developed a versatile skill set, transitioning through various roles from web developer to system network engineer, and later to system administrator.

After my experience in Hamburg, I was captivated by London, a city vast in history and a leading hub in the global IT landscape, known for its unique blend of tradition and innovation. London's tech scene, especially the financial technology (FinTech) sector, stands as a testament to its status as a financial and technological powerhouse. Attracted to this vibrant atmosphere, I moved to London with the vision of utilizing my expertise in advanced global technology to later help in transforming industries. In this city where history, finance, and technology intersect, my aim was to acquire the latest knowledge and experience in the international finance and banking sectors. My journey in London wasn't just a career step, but an opportunity to be part of a technological revolution, influencing the global financial landscape.

My career path next took me to Geneva, a city globally acclaimed for its pivotal role in international finance and diplomacy. Nestled between snow-capped mountains and the serene Lake Geneva, this city provided a backdrop where I could deepen my professional skills in business and account management. In Geneva, I tailored innovative solutions specifically designed to cater to the intricate needs of the financial services and corporate sectors, navigating through the complexities of this international business hub. Meanwhile, Geneva's breathtaking landscapes offered the perfect setting for my personal pursuits in wakesurfing and snowboarding. These sports not only complemented my professional life but also offered me a thrilling escape, challenging both my physical prowess and mental resilience. In this city, where global finance meets majestic natural beauty, I found a unique balance between advancing my career and indulging in the exhilarating challenges posed by my outdoor passions before I moved to Zurich.

For around half a decade, Zurich has been my professional stronghold and personal haven, where I've flourished in roles as a consultant and cloud engineer. Immersed in the stunning landscape of the Swiss Alps and the culturally rich ambiance of Zurich, my key mission has been to lead and innovate in digital transformation initiatives. This city, renowned for its harmonious blend of historical allure and forefront of technological innovation, has been the perfect setting for developing and executing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the rapidly changing digital world. The unique combination of Zurich's traditional ethos and progressive thinking has provided an ideal environment for both my professional growth and technological creativity. In this dynamic city, committed to technological advancement and environmental sustainability, I have played an integral role in integrating advanced technology into everyday life. My tenure in Zurich has been more than a career journey; it has been an integral part of a city that continually pushes the frontiers of digital innovation and excellence.

I invite you to join me at the intersection of my diverse professional experiences, unwavering dedication, and enthusiastic approach. Together, we can navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital technology to foster business growth and success.